Help Us

There are a number of ways you can be involved and help us in our work:

Promote Us

Tell your family, friends, neighbours and business contacts about us.  Come and see what we do so you can tell others, with confidence. (booking essential).

Buy Our Products and Services

In many ways this is the best way you can help for you and for us.  We offer high quality, great service and competitive prices.  The nature of what we do means that our overheads will be higher than most other businesses but we make up for it in quality and service and the knowledge that your purchase decision is benefiting the community.


Help our learning disabled workers get the most out of their employment by working alongside them, assist with the manual work, help with skills development such as communication skills.  You will get, in return, a new perspective on life, great personal satisfaction, something to add to your CV if you are looking for work and a load of new jokes to add to your repertoire.