Colebridge Enterprises

Colebridge Enterprises is a social enterprise which is wholly owned by The Colebridge Trust, a community development charity and Locality member organisation.

We provide work-based social inclusion, training and vital work experience activities. The majority of this is carried our at our industrial unit in North Solihull, close to the National Exhibition Centre.  Around half our workforce has a learning disability, however we have an inclusive workforce and foster an environment that allows people to develop.

“The services provided are outstanding. Goods are always of excellent quality and delivered on time as required, the facilities are clean, tidy and organised.” MD, Autins Group.

ISO 9001-UKASWe provide businesses with an outsourcing service on component assembly, finishing, tabbing, tagging, labelling and packing.  In doing this we provide paid supported employment, including adults with a learning disability. Read more. Our operation is ISO 9001 certified, to the latest standard.

The proceeds from our activities are reinvested into the business and help support the other activities undertaken by the Colebridge Trust.  These include a wide range of support services to local charities, voluntary & community groups; helping long term unemployed people get back to work and providing support to people who need extra help in improving their health and well-being through lifestyle changes.

ColeSEUK_socialenterprise_badge_350x161bridge Enterprises Ltd is a company limited by shares (Company no 8506031), the shares being fully owned by The Colebridge Trust, a community and enterprise development trust that is committed to addressing social, economic and environmental deprivation and improving the life chances of the people in Solihull.

To see what our whole organisation does, visit The Colebridge Trust website.

Colebridge Assembly Brochure

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