The Trust






Our full Colebridge Trust website can be viewed here

Who are we?

Colebridge Trust is a registered charity and recognised community development trust based within the West Midlands.

Since 2002, we have been supporting people within some of the most deprived 5-10% areas of the country and those who are often marginalised through disability, health conditions and other limiting circumstances, such as care responsibilities.

We directly deliver work including Employment and Skills interventions, from our Community Centre, Social Supermarket, ISO9001 Assembly & Packing Social Enterprise and other outreach locations.


“Colebridge Trust seeks a cohesive society where people are enabled to achieve their full potential and where barriers to living inclusive, happy and healthy lives are challenged through the provision of creative, innovative and enterprising activities.”

Values & Behaviours

Staff, volunteers and participants are encouraged to:-

  • Lead
  • Learn
  • Contribute
  • Care
  • Respond
  • Respect
  • Innovate
  • Focus
  • Measure

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