Assembly & Packing

Helping You Work Better – A Win:Win Opportunity

We Deliver

More than anything else, we deliver quality products on time and a commercially competitive rates.

  • Over 5 million parts processed to date
  • Every single part delivered on time
  • Right First Time quality score of 99.98%

We Add Value

Many businesses tell us they would love to be able to offer more  jobs to people with learning disability and other disadvantages but that’s easier said than done.  Support mechanisms, health & safety, accessibility, paperwork and many other barriers get in the way.  Sometimes it’s simply confidence in knowing how to support those employees or simply not having time to set everything up.  We are sure your business is the same – that’s where we come in.

Colebridge Assembly provides supported employment based on 25 years experience of working with learning disabled clients.  We can help you by providing the supported environment needed in return for work you outsource to us.

The old 80:20 rule also applies to many businesses. 20% of your production taking up 80% of your space and time.  Those small jobs that have to be done but add little value to your business.  That’s where we can help.  What’s noise in your system can be music to your ears and your breadcrumbs could be our banquet.  So why not outsource this work to us so you can focus on the activity that adds most to your bottom line.

It is a win-win proposition for everyone.  You get the services your business needs plus the opportunity to provide work for people who would otherwise find it very difficult to find paid jobs.  It costs you nothing extra.

We get a sustainable business that supports the people we feel passionate about supporting.

Our learning disabled employees get the satisfaction of knowing they are making a valuable contribution to society and have greater financial independence.

Assembly workers, support staff and volunteers at Colebridge Enterprises

Assembly workers, support staff, clients, work experience students and volunteers

The reality is our workforce is superb.  They work to a very high quality standard, always punctual, very motivated and take a real pride in their work.

BAB ISO 9001 300x300

Benefits to you

  • Work undertaken to your volume targets and quality standards at commercial rates.
  • Provides you with extra capacity without the capital outlay
  • Help you overcome peaks in workflow and reduce surplus staffing costs
  • Allows you to focus on more profitable work
  • Excellent service from our highly skilled and experienced staff.
  • An advantage when tendering for contracts by being able to demonstrate real social value. (Corporate Social Responsibility and the Social Value Act).
  • Positive PR from creating employment for disadvantaged people
  • No additional effort or cost on your part
  • Feel good factor for your shareholders, directors, employees and customers


Jim Griffin, MD of AI said …

“We are delighted with the work that Colebridge Enterprises does for us. We are pleasantly surprised by how capable and productive they are and we have no complaints about the quality of parts returned to us. It’s at least as good as any other supplier we use.” 

Work with us

If you want to find out how we can work together to form a mutually beneficial partnership, call Chet Parmar, MD on 0121 770 7555 or 07800 771 651 or email

In The Press

For proof of the PR opportunities, read Jon Griffin’s article about us in the Birmingham Post. “… adults who had never worked in their lives have been thrown a lifeline – thanks to a chance meeting between two business leaders.”

Or download the full Birmingham Post article here.